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Side Effects of Kratom

Kratom leaf is the part of the natural herbal plant, which is a native from Thailand that nowadays is considered good for medicinal purposes. Yet, there are various ways on how to take the kratom. According to some natives of Thailand, the leaves are chewed fresh. But sometimes, people tend to use dried leaves and then powder them up before taking them in. The powder can be mixed with any type of juice or sauce that will be served. While some choose to smoke the leaves, others tend to boil either the fresh or dried leaves wherein the mixture can be stored and can be taken in small portions on a daily or weekly basis or whenever someone wants to take in the substance. Yet, because of technological advancements, kratom has been put into capsules and pills that make it easier for people to get a hold of it and take it.

Just because this natural herbal product is highly recommended by some medical experts, it doesn’t mean that the kratom effects wouldn’t be of disadvantages. Despite the benefits that people get from kratom such as the fact that it is a great pain reliever, has sedative action, is stimulating and increases endurance, taking this may also lead to some side effects especially if taken more than the usual dose and frequently. There are no proven side effects as of the moment and these side effects tend to be rare. But still, these effects may cause unwanted pain or things in the body.

Some of the possible kratom effects that can be disruptive are nausea, sleep problems, constipation, and a temporary erectile dysfunction for men. Other side effects include dry, frequent urination or infrequent urination, loss of appetite. These effects can be visible during the time that the substance is taken in and remains in the body. These effects are believed to stop when the kratom starts to dose off and has exited the body.

However, there are also not so good kratom effects that are due to long term usage of any product with kratom. And some of these side effects are too much dependence on the drug, which can lead to addiction, insomnia, anorexia and weight loss.  Some other psychological effects may also be present once the person has been in the influence of the drug for a long time and these problems are delusional behaviour, aggression, hallucination and schizophrenia.




Kratom Effects when Using Different Products

Kratom is a famous medicinal leaf belonging to an indigenous large tree that can be located in the Southeast Asia. This native plant can be generally found in floristic regions such as the Indochina and the Malesia. The kratom leaf has been purposively and popularly known for its medicinal purposes. Although, there still haven’t been any proven effects of such leaf to human conditions, some people have been using products made and produced with this kratom leaf. So, these people are advised to take and use the drug or any natural herb product with caution to avoid unwanted kratom effects.

Kratom effects are still being discovered and observed. So this article will compare the effects of two kratom products from two different places. These two products, if checked online, are the most in demand of all kratom produced manufactured goods or any item for consumption. It is not impossible to compare the products and their effects since both come in capsules and both are available for purchase on the internet. The two products are the Bali Kratom and the Thai Kratom.

The Bali kratom effects took about thirty minutes before showing up. Some of the effects include the person feeling too much relaxation that somehow lead the mind to wander around or just stare at a single point. Another effect that seems to be noticeable is that Bali kratom performs well as a pain reliever. One person who had taken this pill mentioned that before doing so he was having some tingling in his shoulder but seemed to have left his body after taking the capsule. While another person has said the same thing about the product taking away the pain in his back after intake. But this Bali kratom also has some side effects and one of these is nausea. The effects of the Bali kratom can last for almost for hours.

On the other hand, the Thai kratom effects came about after twenty minutes after the capsule intake. According to those who have taken the capsule, this product is more sedating. This pill made them feel very content with doing nothing or just sitting around yet still very high. This is considered to be more of a natural pain reliever than the aforementioned product. Other effects include feeling to much cozines and delight. And this product can lead a person to a pleasurable wonderful situation.



Kratom Effects At Different Doses

Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name of the commonly known indigenous plant grown and harvested in Thailand. This plant is popularly known as kratom. Some products that contain kratom are capsules and tea powders. Thai workers and laborers are the first people who got a hold of such plant and has be used for a long time mainly because kratom is believed to increase stamina and relieve some pain. This means that workers feel stronger and more capable to do their work when under this product. It has also been believed to reduce anxiety and makes people feel happier. On the other hand, products with kratom allow those people dependent people on the drug to feel calmness.

Kratom effects may start showing up as early as five to ten minutes after drug intake. And these effects can usually last for hours. A common fact about taking medicines and drugs is that the effects of the intake will usually depend on the doses taken. In the case of kratom, there are four ranges of doses intake that result to different effects. Taking 2 to 5 grams result to mild effects while drug intake of 7 to 15 grams may lead to medium effects. On the other hand, some people may choose to ingest 16 to 25 grams that can cause strong effects yet some can eat or drink products inclusive of 26 to 50 grams of kratom leading to very strong effects.

Kratom effects at lower doses wherein intake may range from 2 to 15 grams may be energizing and may cause some mild exhilaration and rapture. A person, for example, who takes low doses of any product such as tea or capsule with kratom in it can find performing everyday or common tasks enjoyable and do them with excitement. Some examples of these tasks may be cleaning the house or gardening which the person can perform without thinking that these are dull and ordinary tasks. Pain relief may also be an effect in this area.

While kratom effects taken at higher doses wherein drug intake can range from 16 to 50 grams may include a person feeling a calming and tranquilizing action within the body, yet the brain still stays vigilant and ready to act. In this stage, the feeling of ecstasy is on a more intense level. Additional effects include the feeling of warmth and contentment.

However, people should be very careful in taking such doses of any product with kratom since it can be addictive and in the long tem can lead to withdrawal once the drug is taken away.

The Beneficial Kratom Effects

The natural herb known as the Mitragyna speciosa is a popular plant in the Southeast Asia mainly for its medicinal purposes. The most used part of this plant is the leaf. According to experts, this plant contains almost twenty-five different alkaloids and every one of these can have a powerful effect on someone taking in the product containing the herb. The kratom effects, just like all other drugs, are mostly based on individual trial and error-based. This means that for every individual the effects of kratom may vary. Also, these effects can be due to the amount of doses that are taken in which means that individuals may take lower or higher amount of kratom doses.


Some of the kratom effects may be beneficial yet some may be destructive. In this article, the benefits of using, eating or drinking products that are inclusive of kratom will be focused on. And according to most people who had an intake of any product, there are four beneficial effects and these are: pain relief, stimulation, increased endurance and euphoria.


Kratom is a great pain reliever. It helps to relieve and make well some bodily pains such as headaches, dysfunctional inner organs, worn-out and deadbeat bones and convulsive muscles, etc. Pains can sometimes be acute or chronic but kratom has been proven to promptly reduce or remove whatever pain is currently present. So any high quality type of kratom is considered a strong painkiller.


Another of the kratom effects is stimulation. This stimulating effect can either be physical or mental, or in other times, both. Kratom can help a person to refrain from getting sleepy and be more active and focused on whatever needs to be done. Concentration and motivation problems can also be enhanced by taking some products may it be capsules, pill, liquid or food with kratom.

The third beneficial effect is increased in endurance. People who are in the influence of kratom feel to have more energy to do something. Sometimes they even find some dull and ordinary tasks to be exciting to perform. They wouldn’t even think that these tasks that they enjoy doing at their high were the tasks they didn’t want to do in the past because they seem to be boring.

And lastly, taking kratom can lead to sedative action. This means that the person who is taking the herbal plant in any form can feel less anxious, less nervous, less stress and instead feel more confident.